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clipart_music_brass_021Intermediate and Advanced Band Information Sheet



Welcome back to membership in the band at Dutchtown Middle School.   This sheet has some specific information for advanced and intermediate band members.  The Dutchtown Middle School Band Handbook has all the information regarding grading policies and rules. 


All students in 7th and 8th grade Symphonic Band will need a music lyre and flip folder this year for football games and for the Christmas Parade.  These can be purchased at Zeagler Music in Baton Rouge or at Allison’s World of Music.  Percussion players only need the flip folder.  Flute players should buy a Flutist’s Friend. This is a combination lyre and flip folder.  Tuba and Baritone players should by a long straight lyre which we will bend to fit the instrument.   The uniform and t-shirt requirements are in the handbook.


Please help us have the best sound possible by making sure that your instrument is in good working order.  For Brass instruments, please make sure the instrument is clean and that all the slides and valves move properly and that you have valve oil and tuning slide grease.  Trombone players should start using Formula 3 Slide Cream instead of Slide Oil.  This should be done as soon as possible, as students miss a lot of work if their instrument has to spend three weeks going to the repair shop.   Please check your mouthpiece and make sure that it is fully silver plated.  If the plating has worn down please replace it as this is dangerous to your health.  For Trumpet in advanced band, you should think about stepping up to a Bach 5C or 3C mouthpiece.  Trombones and Baritones should use a Bach 6 ˝ AL.  French horn players should use a Farkas MDC mouthpiece.  Tuba should use a Bach 18 or 22.


For woodwind players, please make sure that the students have at least 4 working reeds at all times.  They should keep these on a reedguard, and rotate them so that they do not use the same reed each day.  If you do this your reeds will last about 2 to 3 times as long, so it is much more economical and you will sound better as well.

Bb Clarinet players should use Vandoren #3 strength reeds.  Alto and Tenor Sax should use Vandoren #2 ˝ or 3 strength reeds.  Low reeds should use 2 ˝ strength reeds Rico or Vandoren. 


Please be aware of the schedule for performances that is found in the Handbook.  All 7th and 8th grade students are expected to participate in all performances unless otherwise notified by the Band Director


Richard Bresowar

Director of Bands

Dutchtown Middle School